This is What Space Smells Like

This is What Space Smells Like

Posted by Emily on Jan 7th 2019

This isn't a soap we offer for sale, but I enjoyed making it so much I just wanted to talk about it. Here's a little backstory on how this Phish-inspired soap came to be...One part of the Phish commun … read more

Ringing in the New Year

Posted by Emily on Dec 31st 2018

We are excited to find out what 2019 has in store for us, as a business and as a family. With Make Out City being a little over a year old now, we have definitely seen some growth and we hope that … read more
Small Business Saturday 2018

Small Business Saturday 2018

Posted by Emily on Nov 23rd 2018

This is our first year participating in #SmallBusinessSaturday and we are excited! We will be at Higher Grounds Coffee Shoppe and Bakery in Oklahoma City from 10 am until 2 pm with much of our curr … read more

The History of Emily and Jorge

Posted by Jorge on Oct 25th 2018

Emily The opportunity to slay vampires during her days in high school never arose and that of serving as a science officer for a certain organization that (for legal reasons) shall go unnam … read more